"If you don't want me now don't miss me later." x Frank Ocean

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  • Waitress: Hi, what would you like to order?
  • White person: Hi, I'd like an order of black people's culture and customize it as my own.
  • Waitress: How would you like it customized?
  • White person: Instead of the original, I'd like my own order of dreads, the use of the word nigga, twerking because Miley Cyrus "made it up", a majority of their history, a little bit of oppression please.
  • Waitress: Is that all?
  • White person: Oh but PLEASE don't include the sides where I get killed for being unarmed, walking down the street, using the bathroom, breathing, blinking, staring, etc. etc.
  • Waitress: I know! NOBODY ever wants that ordered with their meal! They say that it's the worst!
  • White person: Oh and also don't include black people's long history of slavery since my race is responsible for it. That wouldn't really go to good with the meal either.
  • Waitress: And what would you like to drink?
  • White person: To drink? Uh.....let me just get a cup of the blood that's been shed from the unarmed black men that have been shot and killed by police officers. Is that still available?
  • Waitress: Available? That drink has been restocking like crazy!
  • White person: Oh okay. Oh, and one more thing. Let me add a side of 'Never get convicted of any of my crimes AND proven as Mentally ill if I do happen to kill an innocent person.' I know that's not apart of the black culture but I do want to sneak that in there. Heh heh.
  • Waitress: Is that all sir?
  • White person: Yes.
  • Waitress: Okay! Your dish of 'I want to be a nigga but don't want the other qualifications of BEING a nigga' and your other dish of 'I am a brainwashed white person because I only see my side of the entire world since I'm the golden race of society' is coming right up!

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